Differences between sea garnet sand rock garnet sand

September 24 , 2021

Sea garnet sand is a garnet abrasive that has eroded from rock garnet and has been carried by natural processes into seas and oceans. Because it has been consistently exposed to pounding waves, sea garnet tends to have obtuse angles, smaller sizes and rounder shapes compared to rock garnet. Also because this garnet abrasive is extracted from seas and beaches, this abrasive has a higher chloride and salt content than regular rock garnet abrasive.

The main advantage is that sea garnet sand is a natural garnet from sea beach mines. It was served directly without any crushing and milling process. Since there are no cracks in the grain, it gets less dust and of heavier specific density. For waterjet cutting work, the 80 mesh alluvial garnet sand will get a smooth cutting performance. In the meantime, it won’t block nozzles and thus save time and cost.


Rock garnet sand is a sharp and tough abrasive material in a reddish tone. It is produced as a result of crushing rocks. The mineral is chosen and processed into a product of the highest standard. It works best as a waterjet abrasive medium.

It’s hardness is tied to garnet’s mineral structure and hence it gives a high durability. That’s why Premium Rock ensures a stable work of the WaterJet machine for the whole time of it’s use. Sharp edges of the grains provide high quality and smooth aftercut surface. This abrasive sand also guaranties the best cutting quality with thick materials.