Why pink fused alumina is better than white fused alumina

October 13 , 2021

The production process of Pink Fused Alumina is roughly similar to that of white fused alumina. With industrial aluminum oxide powder as the main raw material, Pink Fused Alumina is smelted by adding 0.5%-3% Cr2O3. After smelting with chromium oxide, the color of the Pink Fused Alumina grit obtained is rose pink color, so the Pink Fused Alumina is also called pink corundum.


The effect of adding chromium oxide :

Between Cr2O3 and Al2O3 there will get a continuous solid solution. In the corundum, Cr2O3 exists between the corundum crystals in the form of replacement solid solution. Chromium replaces Al3+ with Cr3+ in the corundum crystal lattice. It causes a certain degree of deformation of the crystal lattice. The surface distance between crystals increases. From the aspect of performance, the impact resistance of the crystal is increased. In the meantime, the physical and mechanical properties, grinding ability and toughness of corundum are improved.

Pink Fused Alumina has better toughness, when used in the production of abrasive products, it can significantly improve the service life, sharpness, grinding force and other properties of the abrasive cutting & grinding wheels. And it can also prevent burning damage to the workpiece during the grinding process.


There are three types of pink fused alumina according to the added Cr2O3 material:Low Chrominum pink fused alumina / Medium Chrominum pink fused alumina / High Chrominum pink fused alumina. The higher Chrominum added, the higher toughness. In the meantime,hardness will be a little less with higher Cr2O3.