Mono-crystalline Aluminum Oxide blasting media

June 17 , 2023

Mono-crystalline Aluminum Oxide blasting media

Mono-crystalline Aluminum Oxide gets the special structure of single crystals. It is a superior abrasive blasting media for hard metal, alloy, and steel.

The main chemical content is min 99% Al2O3 with low Na2O content around 0.15%. The blasting capability and efficiency are higher than white-fused alumina and brown-fused alumina.


The characteristics of mono-crystalline aluminum oxide(MA abrasive grain) include:

1.Number of single crystals is around 95%, which is 50% higher than the original one(the original one’s is about 65%).

2. The compressive strength exceeds 26N, and toughness is as much as 90.5%, which is 25% higher than the original one’s.

3. Al2O3 is above 99.4% and its impurity is lower than the original one’s.

4. With multi-layer grain, MA can create lots of cutting sides continually. So the surface of the workpiece can reach the same cleanliness and the service life of the workpiece is improved.